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20mph Limit Survey Results

20mph Limit Survey Results From discussions in the village, it was clear that the survey for a 20mph limit in New Road and Blewbury Road did catch the attention of Hagbourne residents. The Parish Council is delighted to record that 159 completed survey forms were submitted, and this return of more than 30% is regarded as very high for this type of survey.

The results of the survey are summarised in the bar charts, however the bottom line is that although the majority supported a move to a 20mph limit, there is a sizeable minority objecting, more so for New Road than Blewbury Road. PARISH COUNCIL 20MPH SURVEY RESULTS

There was a strong vote against most measures for traffic calming although the residents in Blewbury Road supported road narrowing at their entrance to the village by a small majority. 93 respondents also made use of the comments box, sometimes continuing on the back of the page or using extra sheets. Mostly the comments backed up the reasons for the response with feelings being strongly expressed both in favour of and against the proposal. Several of you used the opportunity to expand the discussion, the most common comment was that money would be better spent on fixing roads in particular filling potholes with 14 of you raising such a demand.

Other items raised in discussions included support for a 20mph limit from the shop to the Lower Cross on New Road (eight requests) and for Bishops Orchard independently of the New Road decision, and a speed limit on the Coscote Road. Although several supported street parking as a form of traffic calming, six suggested that street parking should be reduced.

The Parish Council will send the results to the county council team and we will keep you updated on this, noting that even if something does happen it won’t be before April 2024.