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East Hagbourne Neighbourhood Plan update – 24th Oct

The 2022 update to our Neighbourhood Plan is well under way and a Public Meeting will be held on Monday 24th October, 7:30pm in East Hagbourne Pavilion

There are three parts to the update:

An extension to the Bakers Lane Paddocks Local Green Space and addition of the green areas at Ryman’s Crescent and Windsor Crescent as Assets of Local Distinctiveness.

A new Design Guide that provides more detail on how good design can be incorporated into new buildings and alterations while respecting the individual character areas of our parish and how houses can adapt to the challenge of climate change.

A new Strategy for Nature & People in East Hagbourne, covering both the built environment and the wider countryside. The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, and the strategy explores how we can reverse the trend of biodiversity loss while valuing our highly productive farmland and open landscape with wide views.