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Hagbourne Village Hall

Image of Village Hall exterior
Hagbourne Village Hall is one of the social centres for the villages of East and West Hagbourne. 

Section 1: Introduction

Hagbourne Village Hall is the scene of countless parties, annual meetings, our local pre-school, the home of the HAMS theatre group, numerous sport- and hobby-based activities, and the location for many post-church events, the Hagbourne Village Hall is alive with the life of our two villages.

Hagbourne Village Hall is a registered charity (number 900090) and is operated entirely within the rules as dictated for a charitable organisation.  We are allowed to generate a surplus each year and this surplus is retained to fund future building projects and repairs.

Owing to ever-increasing demand, the Village Hall has been refurbished and greatly expanded twice in the last 35 years.  However, there is no thought of it standing still as it continues to adapt to our villages’ changing needs.  It is entirely managed by volunteers and, if you’re interested in putting your own stamp on this exciting, expanding venture, give us a call.  (See Section 4.)

Section 2: Facilities

There are three main usable areas in the Village Hall that can be rented individually or in any combination that suits the requirements of the user.  They are detailed below:

Large Hall. This room measures 7 metres. by 14 metres. and can accommodate 80 people dining or 100 people in auditorium seating.  It has a sprung wooden floor that is highly prized for dancing.  The walls have been clad in pine wainscoting and there are dimmable uplighters to set ‘just the right tone’.  There are two  serving hatches  directly from the kitchen.

Image of Village Hall big hall

Small Hall.  This room measures 9.2 metres by 7.4 metres with a wood effect durable floor.  Sound absorbent panels have been placed on the ceiling so that noise levels are significantly reduced. It can accommodate up to 64 people for dining.  There is a serving hatch from the kitchen which can be converted to a doorway giving direct access to the kitchen.

Image of Village Hall small hall

Meeting Room.  This room has space for up to 12 people sitting around a large conference table.  There is a projection screen on the wall and facilities are available for preparing hot drinks.

Image of Village Hall meeting room

In addition, there are common areas that are generally available to all users. These include:

  • A kitchen with 6 hobs, two ovens, small microwave oven, refrigerator, a drinks cooler, three sinks (food prep, dish-washing and hand-washing), and  serving hatches.  There is also a substantial amount of crockery, glassware and eating utensils.  An extractor fan with the capacity to move air from the entire hall is mounted above the kitchen. There is access to the kitchen from both the large and small halls.
  • A stage at one end of the Large Hall with a.six-metre wide proscenium arch and a depth of.3.4 metres behind the main curtain.  There is a 6 channel sound system with two microphones and two wall-mounted  loudspeakers.  The interior of the stage is entirely flat-black although there is a white screen at the far end.
  • The entry hall has facilities to hang up outdoor coats.  There is also a Men’s Room, a Ladies Room, and a washroom/toilet for the disabled.
  • Alcoholic beverages may be sold by users of the Village Hall as it has a licence.

Image of Village Hall entranceway

Section 3: Hiring the Hall

Consult the Hall Availability PDF (link at the top of this page) to determine if the facilities are available for the dates/times that you require, then complete our room hire and booking form (PDF). Send the completed form to our Booking Secretary Geoff Leaver (01235 817891) ( Please note that your reservation is not complete until confirmation is issued. A deposit against damage may be required. Lots of additional information is available in our FAQs for the hire of Hagbourne Village hall.

If you are unable to open these documents, Adobe Reader may need to be installed.

All charges and any deposit must be ‘in hand’ at least ten-days in advance.

The Village Hall Committee does everything possible to keep our costs down and we always try to offer the hall for the lowest possible rental.  We can continue this policy if our users are careful with their energy usage and if they leave the hall in the same clean condition that they found it.  After all, it is our Village Hall.

Section 4: Contacting Us

Hagbourne Village Hall, Main Road, East Hagbourne, Didcot, OX11 9LR.

Here are the people who have assigned jobs on the Management Committee.  Call any one of us if you have questions or would like to be involved.

Richard Elliott, Chairman, 01235 814140,

Charles Stutley, Treasurer, phone tbc,

Geoff Leaver, Hall Bookings, 01235 817891,