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Neighbourhood Development Plan Update 2023

East Hagbourne Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have prepared an update to the our Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan and supporting documents can be viewed by following the links below. There is also a printed copy in St Andrew’s Church, available ca. 9am-4pm except when services are taking place.

A brief explanation of the changes:

The East Hagbourne Neighbourhood Development Plan was formally ‘made’ by South Oxfordshire District Council on 11th April 2019, since when it has formed part of that council’s development plan.

East Hagbourne Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have now prepared an update to the Plan, which is the subject of this consultation. The changes proposed do not change the nature of the neighbourhood development plan – the Vision and Objectives remain unchanged and the Policies remain broadly the same. This update does, however, bring two new appendices which strengthen and clarify the application of the policies. Both of these contain elements related to environmental issues, allowing our Plan to more clearly respond to these.

Appendix 11 presents a new “Design Guide and Codes”. This has been prepared for us by AECOM and is based both on national criteria and on an understanding of our local village character. It supports, in particular, Policy VC3 which calls on development to retain our smaller village character and promote good design.

Existing Policy E2 requires that development proposals should respect the natural environment and protect and enhance biodiversity. This objective is reinforced by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which calls for local wildlife-rich habitats to be identified, mapped and safeguarded. We have responded to this through a new Appendix 12, which is a “Strategy for People and Nature”. It maps what we know about wildlife at a local level in East Hagbourne parish and gives recommendations for how our wildlife assets can be safeguarded and enhanced. The additional information has allowed us to complement Policy E2 with two new policies – E2a on Wildlife Buffers and E2b on Enhancing Wildlife Habitat.

In addition, changes have been made to expand the area of one of our Local Green Spaces (Bakers Lane Paddocks) in Policy E1 and Appendix 3, and to add the small green spaces at Rymans Crescent and Windsor Crescent as “Assets of Local Distinctiveness” in Policy VC4.

There are many detail wording changes in the main report to respond to the latest NPPF (a new version was issued in 2021) and the Local Plan (SODC’s Local Plan 2035 is now published and there is a Joint South & Vale plan in preparation). While these do not significantly change the objectives, they do require a lot of detail edits to reference the correct policy numbers and statements.

How to respond to the consultation:

This consultation starts on 19th March and the closing date for representations is midnight on 3rd May 2023.

We welcome all comments which can be sent to or by mail to Laura Lloyd, East Hagbourne Parish Clerk, 12A The Croft, East Hagbourne, Didcot OX11 9LS.

What happens next:

At the end of the consultation period all received comments will be collated.

A consultation statement will be prepared showing the comments received and the response of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Privacy Statement:

East Hagbourne Parish Council will store your personal data securely and will use it only for necessary purposes in the progressing of this consultation which may include sharing some information with South Oxfordshire District Council.

In preparing the Consultation Statement, we will include names for any organisations or agents, but will anonymise responses received from individuals.


EHNP Appendix 3_Local Green Spaces_20230228_for consultation

EHNP Appendix 11 Design Guide and Codes_LR_20230515

EHNP Appendix 12 Strategy for People and Nature_20230228_for consultation

EHNP_Updated draft text_20230313_full text for consultation

EHNP 2023 Update_Modification Statement

Consultation Statement_EHNP 2022 update_draft_20230317


EHNP Appendix 1_The Parish of East Hagbourne_20180914

EHNP Appendix 2_East Hagbourne Village Landscape & Character Assessment 2018update

EHNP Appendix 4_SWOT Analysis_20170914

EHNP Appendix 5_Community Survey Report September 2016_20180914

EHNP Appendix 6_EH Conservation Area Character Study_SODC 2000_20180914_small-for-web

EHNP Appendix 7_EH Parish Plan Consolidated Report_2011-2015_20180914

EHNP Appendix 8_Site Allocation Methodology and Conclusions_20180914

EHNP Appendix 8a_Site Assessment and Evaluation_Detailed Results_20180914

EHNP Appendix 9_Housing Needs Assessment_20180914

EHNP Appendix 10_EH Green Buffer Assessment_20180914