Parish Plan

Linda Benton village painting
Below are the details of the Parish plan from April 2011 and updated in 2015.

East Hagbourne’s Parish Plan was published in April 2011. At that time, the Parish of East Hagbourne contained around 850 households and 1850 inhabitants, spread between Millbrook at the edge of Didcot, via New Road and its surroundings, to the main village itself, and on to Coscote and Hagbourne Mill. The report can be downloaded here.

The purpose of a Parish Plan is to set out a vision of what is important to our community, and a strategy for preserving valued community features while strengthening them in the future. The value of a Parish Plan to East Hagbourne is to provide a framework within which initiatives to improve facilities and activities within the Parish can be prioritized and progressed. Furthermore, such a structured approach is more and more expected when we approach outside funding bodies to support our projects.

Discussion on the Parish Plan started in 2003, culminating in 2007 in the formation of a committee and a public meeting to review and publicise activities currently available in the Parish. The Committee then developed a list of topics and concerns expressed by residents and organised these into a questionnaire to solicit more formal input, which formed that basis of the report.

Eleven ‘Key Issues’ were identified covering Urban Growth, Communications, Road Safety and Traffic, Footpaths and Pavements, Anti-Social Behaviour, Dog Fouling, Sustainability and Environment, Education and Young People, Church and Community, Sports Activities and Shops and Services. An Action Plan was drawn up and can be read here.

Road Safety and Traffic generated a lot of discussion and two surveys of traffic through th evillage were conducted in 2010 and 2012. You can read a summary of the results here.

In 2015 a brief update report was issued, outlining progress against the objectives and areas where continued effort was needed. The update can be read here.

The Parish Plan remains a valuable reference point for the Parish and will have value into the future. However, the pressure to build more houses in the area has intensified and SODC’S Local Plan is at risk as a result of housing delivery failing to maintain a 5 year supply as demanded by Central Government. In view of this, East Hagbourne Parish Council resolved in October 2015 to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan, which when implemented will have legal force and allow local residents to have more say in how housing and facilities in the Parish evolve.

Everyone in the Parish can have a part in developing the Neighbourhood Plan and you can follow progress here.