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History of East Hagbourne

Image of EH from the past
These are the words of a traveller visiting East Hagbourne in the early part of the last century:

“The beauty of this sequestered village as you come down into it is almost bewildering… Out of the houses clustering round you might almost expect to see folk in ancient costume issue forth, move up and down the little street, and form themselves into picturesque groups, because it is more like a village on the stage than anything else…”

If you were to walk down the Main Road today, we think you too would be struck by not only the beauty of the village but also the sense of living history that the visitor sensed a century ago.

You would see many well-preserved yeoman’s houses, most dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries and most of which are listed. If you were to peer over a few high walls, you would also see some more substantial houses in the village, also steeped in history.

There are also interspersed with some lovely old cottages, half timbered and thatched properties, some with over-sailing top stories, red Georgian and some Victorian.

These buildings do not just charm the visitor – they give a clue to East Hagbourne’s long and varied history. Not surprisingly, the village has attracted the interest of many travellers like the one quoted above, particularly artists.