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Climate Change & Biodiversity

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Governing bodies at national and local level recognise and are responding to the challenges posed by climate change and loss of biodiversity.

South Oxfordshire District Council has declared both a Climate Emergency and an Ecological Emergency – you can see details including their Climate Action Plan here

As individuals, we can all make contributions to responding to these challenges, whether it is switching to an electric car, more walking or cycling, adapting our home life to use less energy.  We can help biodiversity and climate change through the trees, shrubs and flowering plants we grow in our gardens, or even by cutting our grass less frequently.

East Hagbourne Parish Council is already playing its part through its Community Project Strategy (see Section 9)

and working with its partners including the Hagbournes & Upton Group for Sustainability (HUGS).

Informaiton on new developments will be posted here as it becomes available.

Opportunities for biodiversity improvement in East Hagbourne – a discussion document:

EH biodiversity opportunities__20220713

Wildlife habitats & landscape:

EH wildlife habitats & landscape_20200903