Neighbourhood Plan

Below are the details of our on-going Neighbourhood Plan.

East Hagbourne Parish Council completed its Parish Plan in 2011. This has provided a framework for an Action Plan to address village issues through to 2015 and will continue to be a valuable resource into the future. You can read the report and associated documents here.

More recently, pressure to build more houses in the area has intensified and SODC’S Local Plan is at risk as a result of housing delivery failing to maintain a 5 year supply as demanded by Central Government.

The risk has became a stark reality for East Hagbourne with an application submitted in October 2015 for 170 new homes on open farmland  to the East of New Road – “The Green Gap” .  In view of this, the Parish Council resolved to proceed immediately with the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan is designed to empower local communities, to make and take forward planning proposals at a local level in line with SODC’s Local Plan.

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan is a demanding task and involves the whole community. When implemented it will have legal force (unlike the Parish Plan which is more advisory), but can only be adopted after a referendum of the whole Parish.

There is a lot of work to do before we reach that stage. A Steering Group has been formed and will hold regular meetings which will be open to the public. We need volunteers, so if you can help please come along to a meeting or contact

A dedicated web site has been set up where you can follow progress and get involved,