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Village Car Park

The Village Car Park is situated next to Hagbourne Village Hall. Please see the information below regarding usage of the car park.


Contact: Laura Lloyd - Parish Clerk

Management of the Village Car Park


  1. Ownership:

The Car Park is owned and managed by East Hagbourne Parish Council

  1. General principle:

The Car Park is for the general use of the community, including church, village hall, school, and village events, but not for residential parking.

  1. Duration of Parking:

The Car Park is intended for the use of people attending activities in the village and should generally be restricted to daytime use. We recognise that such village activities may occasionally require vehicles to park overnight, but parking should be limited to a maximum of 24 hours.

  1. Use of the Car Park is free of charge:

No charges will be made for parking.

  1. Anti-social Behaviour:

Anti-social Behaviour including littering, aggressive driving, alcohol, the use or trading of drugs, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave and may be referred to the police.

  1. Car Park Capacity:

Vehicles must park in the marked bays. The Car Park can become full at peak periods and event organisers should encourage attendees to avoid use of cars where possible.

Bicycles may be secured to the bars on the village hall fence.

When the Car Park is busy, users should work to share the facility with others in a cooperative way.

  1. The Car Park is a shared facility:

The Car Park may not be booked for exclusive use.

  1. Organised Village Events:

Organisers of village events that will require parking should consider whether the available parking will be sufficient and arrange alternative parking if needed. Organisers should try to liaise with other village bodies before scheduling an event, to ensure that more than one large event requiring use of the Car Park does not occur on the same day. Event organisers should arrange suitable temporary signage to guide people to the correct parking.

  1. Large Vehicles are Prohibited:

Except as noted in section 11 below, the Car Park is for cars only. Commercial vehicles and large recreational vehicles or campervans are not permitted.

  1. Provision of disabled parking spaces:

The bays marked for disabled use may be used by Blue Badge holders only. At no time may they be used by vehicles not displaying a Blue Badge.

  1. The Bus/turning space:

The space in front of the village hall is reserved for turning, including buses and delivery lorries to the school, and for emergency vehicle access if required.

  1. Liabilities:

East Hagbourne Parish Council accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles, personal property or to injuries arising from the use of the Car Park unless caused by the Council’s negligence.


Approved 12th December 2019