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New bunting needed for 2019 St Andrew’s Church Christmas Tree

It has been suggested that it would be nice to make new bunting for our 2019 St Andrew’s Church Christmas Tree and other Festivities and we would love you to put your name forward to help in this task.

We have produced an instruction sheet and a template to ensure
uniformity of size etc and would be very pleased to provide these and some material for anyone wishing to help make our bunting at home, which avoids having to take sewing machines, materials and an ironing board etc into church.  Bunting instructions.jpg

We are also seeking materials, reels of thread and any other
sewing/embroidery notions you may wish to donate.  Maybe too you have ideas for designs etc as we hope our bunting will be displayed and enjoyed for many years to come by everyone who loves and visits our beautiful church at this special time of the year.

If you would like to help, perhaps you would kindly contact as soon as possible Rosie Jackson-Kilham 01235 818020, 07942826282, or Sylvia Wilcox 01235 814648, and we will deliver the instruction sheet, material and template to you.  Thank you.