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Waste Disposal & Recycling

Image of recycling green bins

About thirty people were entertained by an excellent talk
by the South and Vale Waste and Recycling officer, Jessica Beare, in
Hagbourne Village Hall on Friday 4 November.

Jess gave a high paced and well illustrated presentation on waste disposal and the management of this in our district and county. She reported that SODC have a 64.1% recycling rate (the percentage of weight of recycled over overall household waste) and that this is the second highest in England. Her talk was followed by a lively question and answer session. Questions ranged from technical issues on anaerobic digestion used to process our food waste, to showing Jess articles and asking in which bin they should be placed.

There were several take home messages from this meeting.
It is crucially important to avoid contamination of green bin waste
so all input should be clean and dry with no traces of food and certainly no nappies. Contamination can often be detected during kerbside waste collection and could earn you an “OOPS” tag indicating the reason for not emptying your bin. Such contamination can spoil a large quantity of potential recycling when mixed with other waste. Rather than fret too much about plastics, the simple rule is just to put any plastic pots, tubs, trays, and bottles in the green bin, preferably crushed (to save space) and with any
tops on (to avoid contamination by broken glass, for example). Hard plastic that is not squashable should be put in the black bin. Soft plastic such as crisp packets should be put in bins available at all supermarkets. Textiles should not be put in the green bin but can be placed in clear bags beside the green bin for collection. Batteries should definitely not go in any bin because of fire risk, but again can be placed in a separate clear bag on top of the green bin.
Another important message is that no black bin waste goes to landfill; it is incinerated at the ERF at Ardley without release of noxious gases, and even the ash and residual metals can be recycled. Thus, when in doubt use the black bin. In fact, the only landfill waste is from collections through bulk waste bookings, that is furniture and utilities. Garden waste is included in the recycling count so having full brown bins will help Jess and her colleagues to get top spot in recycling next year!

A few members of the audience had visited the food waste disposal plant in Benson and the ERF (Energy Recovery Facility) at Ardley and have found these visits fascinating and informative. Both have extensive visitor programmes and you can organize a visit for a group of people through the websites: for food waste and for the ERF at Ardley.

PRESENTATION:Jess-talk-to-East Hagbourne PC edit

Grden Club – Bulbs, Rhizomes and Corms

photo of hyacinths

Hagbourne Garden Club Christmas Meeting, at the Pavilion,

Thursday November 24th  7.30 pm

Bulbs, Rhizomes and Corms

By Richard Roslyn, Head gardener at Blewbury Manor.

East Hagbourne Neighbourhood Plan update – 24th Oct

The 2022 update to our Neighbourhood Plan is well under way and a Public Meeting will be held on Monday 24th October, 7:30pm in East Hagbourne Pavilion

There are three parts to the update:

An extension to the Bakers Lane Paddocks Local Green Space and addition of the green areas at Ryman’s Crescent and Windsor Crescent as Assets of Local Distinctiveness.

A new Design Guide that provides more detail on how good design can be incorporated into new buildings and alterations while respecting the individual character areas of our parish and how houses can adapt to the challenge of climate change.

A new Strategy for Nature & People in East Hagbourne, covering both the built environment and the wider countryside. The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world, and the strategy explores how we can reverse the trend of biodiversity loss while valuing our highly productive farmland and open landscape with wide views.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On behalf of East Hagbourne Parish Council and our residents, we offer our condolences and sympathy to all members of the Royal Family.  

East Hagbourne Parish Council

St. Andrew’s Church in East Hagbourne will be available for public tributes with a dedicated area in the Lady Chapel.

There will be an opportunity to light a candle and a book of condolences will be available from 2.30pm on Friday 9th September.

Floral tributes may be left anywhere in the church. 

You may wish to sign Buckingham Palace’s book of condolence online by visiting

St. Andrews Hagbourne’s Autumn Concert – October 8th

There’s always something happening at the church; in October it’s our fun concert.

The evening is in aid of charity and features a potpourri, nay a veritable cornucopia of acts drawn from around the Hagbournes and beyond. The running order currently includes harmonising mandolins, folk songs, madrigals, the wonderful Hagbourne School choir, cello, piano, and even something called Syphon and Carbuncle.

More acts are being added all the time; is that the church choir I hear warming up in the corner?

Cheese and wine and other refreshments are being served. There’s no need to buy tickets in advance but donations are gratefully received in aid of the evening’s charitable causes. Do make sure to get there early as the best pews in the house get filled up pretty quickly.

Thanks for supporting this traditional village variety evening!

Bowls: The Business End of the Season

Good people of Hagbourne, did you know that there is a rather good little bowls club in your midst? The bowls summer season is reaching its climax and some of the club’s finest players are making our village’s name heard at county and even national levels.

This year’s ambassadors include Ron Moore and John Heapy (pictured below) in the National Senior Pairs Quarter Finals, and John Heapy again in the National Singles finals. Jane Murphy, our District and County councillor, is also playing multiple competitions at the National finals, including representing Hagbourne in the Mixed Fours.

All these contests take place in early September at the home of English Bowls in Leamington Spa, which you may have seen on the telly during the Commonwealth games. Not bad for a little village team, eh?

In addition, our superb Double-Fours teams are in the Berkshire County Final vs Maidenhead having beaten last year’s NationalChampions, Reading in the semi-final. A Hagbourne team also triumphed at a one-day gala in Abingdon, earlier in August.

Hagbourne has again punched above its weight in the county league and our fresh intake of new players from the Open Days are already helping us keep busy in friendlies and local cup matches. If you’d like to join them, then there’s no need to wait for our next open days; come along any Monday evening in September and you will be made very welcome. If you can’t catch us that soon then don’t worry, the new season starts in April next year.

Find out more about bowls in Hagbourne at

Winter well



Produce Show – 4th September

Revised Village Produce Show poster 2022



. . . and the amazing CURRY CUP!

Children’s entries (up to 16):

Vegetable Animal, Garden on a Plate

Full details available from the shop, the East Hagbourne Village FB page, and the Hagbourne Produce Show FB page.

ENTRY: Entrants must be resident in the Hagbournes, children (& their families) attending Hagbourne School, members of Hagbourne Garden Club, anyone who gardens an allotment in the Hagbourne Parish.

Staging from 9-11am. Show open 2pm-4pm. Tea & cream teas. Raffle.

Free entry. No entry forms needed. Just bring your produce or exhibits on the day!

Notes for Entrants 2022

The Baking Cup and the Curry Cup

Owls will be at the show

Vegetable animal and garden on a plate