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PUBLIC CONSULTATION – 8th September @ 7:30pm – in the Church

Photo of a lawn mower

Poster Info here:

Public Consultation household leaflet


Virtual tour Map:

Click on the link below to scroll the village map and zoom in to the area of interest.

The layers menu on the left hand side will allow you to add on the zones we are reviewing and each party responsible for maintaining areas of grass.


To see which zone you live in, or are interested about, click below:

Map 1 – Parish Zones

To see who is responsible for maintaining each area of grass within the parish boundary, click below:

Map 2 – Current maintenance responsibility


Alternatively static views can be found below: 

Map 3 – Parish – Cemetery

Map 4 – Parish – Central and Butts Piece

Map 5 – Parish – Central and Lower Cross

Map 6 – Parish – East

Map 7 – Parish – North West

Map 8 – Parish – North East

Map 9 – Parish – Recreation Ground and Millennium Wood

Map 10 – Parish – Butts Piece and Millennium Wood