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Map of footpath by village hall
A number of people recently volunteered to help the Parish Council with an application to ensure the footpath alongside Hagbourne Village Hall is officially noted as a public right of way.
It is evidently a very well used footpath and has been for over 100 years according to some historical local maps – but has never been officially registered.  As it is such a well used route it is important to record it correctly.
In order to reach as many people as possible, the form is attached to this article.  If you would like to complete it to support the application we would be most grateful.  Please complete the form individually as requested on the statement form – and feel free to send this to anyone else you know who could complete one and help the application.
The period of time we need evidence to cover is 20 years (so since 2000), but current users of the path who have shorter usage timeframes can also provide important evidence, particularly with the proximity to the school.  Those who have been using the path for several decades will be very much appreciated.
The statement attached is a little long winded but thankfully short answers will typically cover most questions.  A suitable map showing the route has already been added on page 6 of the document to save you some time.  Please note the specific request for initials only on the map rather than a full signature so you don’t get caught out!
The clerk is happy to accept scanned or photographed copies of the completed documents if you have this option, if not then please do pop your paper copy into the letterbox at 12A The Croft, East Hagbourne (but only as part of your daily exercise in current circumstances as this is not essential).
If you are able to complete and return the form by 26th February that would be very helpful, if you need a little more time or have any questions please contact the clerk


Laura, Parish Clerk