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Village Hall Reopening

Image of Village Hall big hall

Following the lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Village Hall is now able to reopen.

Because the virus is still amongst us, there are several changes which have had to be made, to try to keep us all safe.

We have installed a sanitiser gel dispenser at the entrance to the hall, as well as providing soap, paper towels and bins for each of the sinks in the hall designated for hand washing. There are also signs reminding everyone how to properly wash their hands.

As of 8th August, it is a requirement for everyone entering the hall to wear a face covering. The advice is specifically: –

On entering a village hall, you will be required to wear a face covering, unless you are covered under a “reasonable excuse”. This could be for a gym class, if you need to eat or drink something, or if you have a health or disability reason to not wear one.

When a booking is made, the person must also provide a risk assessment, to show that their groups specific risks have been considered, and steps taken to minimise the risks as far as is reasonably practical.

The hirer must also provide, if asked to do so, contact details for everyone who has entered the hall in the event a case of the virus is identified.

The kitchen facilities will not be available for use at the present time, although there is soap and paper towels provided by the handwashing sink.