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Neighbourhood Development Plan – 2023 Update Consultation

East Hagbourne Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have prepared an update to our Neighbourhood Plan.

This update bring two new appendices which strengthen and clarify the application of the policies. Both of these contain elements allowing our Plan to more clearly respond to environmental issues.

In particular, the update includes a “Strategy for People and Nature”. It maps what we know about wildlife at a local level across the whole of East Hagbourne parish and together with two new policies gives recommendations for how our wildlife assets can be safeguarded and enhanced.

The update also includes a new Design Guide based both on national criteria and on an understanding of our local village character. It supports, in particular, Policy VC3, which calls on development to retain our smaller village character and promote good design.

There is also an extension to the Local Green Space in the Bakers Lane area and two small green areas have been added as Assets of Local Distinctiveness.

In accordance with the statutory requirements, a public consultation is taking place.

The consultation starts on 19th March and the closing date for representations is midnight on 3rd May 2023.

The Plan and supporting documents can be viewed here. There is also a printed copy in St Andrew’s Church, available ca. 9am-4pm except when services are taking place.

We welcome all comments which can be sent to or by mail to Laura Lloyd, East Hagbourne Parish Clerk, 12A The Croft, East Hagbourne, Didcot OX11 9LS.